What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to techniques that help your website become more visible in organic search results for the people who are looking for your brand, product, or service via any search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo

Why is SEO important for my business?

Fact: everyone uses search engines. On the average, over forty thousand searches are made on Google on every second. From finding the nearest massage shop to finding products, search engines play a key part in our daily lives. In most cases, it’s how your prospective customers are looking for you, or a business like yours. This means that search engine optimization is crucial to survive and succeed online. If your website is online and no one can find it, does it even exist? Our advice: make sure your website can be found by people who desire to look for you, and do that by working on your SEO.

How do search engines actually work?

Search engines use an advanced set of algorithms in order to crawl, index and pull up web pages. The first stage is called ‘crawling’, which is basically the process of scanning through or reading your website’s code. In the second stage, the web pages that were crawled are saved in a huge database. This is called ‘indexing’. The last part happens once someone enters a query in the search box. The search engine will consult that same database and will show the web pages it deems most relevant for that specific search.

How can I improve my SEO?

Great SEO starts with planning and work. That’s why we are here. We will need to know every aspect of your website, from content to design can have an impact on your position in search results. Since there are over 200 signals in Google’s algorithm that help decide the fate of a site’s ranking, we will build on some key elements that are the foundation for successful Page 1 results:

  • Choosing the best keywords
    This includes, but is not limited to the optimization of meta titles and descriptions, how well your page is structured with the help of headlines.

  • Having the right website infrastructure and architecture
    Is your website is secure? Does it have accelerated mobile pages (AMP)? Is there a consistent user experience?

  • Creating and presenting rich, original and engaging content
    Is your content well written and of high quality? Did you choose the right keywords? Is your content easily consumed on mobile? All of these elements impact the way bots perceive your content and rank your pages.

  • Developing a profile of high quality, on-theme incoming links and citations
    In SEO, links to your website are like votes of approval from others and are extremely highly regarded by search engines. Getting these will for sure give your web pages a nice boost.

There’s definitely more work needed, but this is just the start!

At Wong Lye Pte Ltd, be rest assured that we have it all covered for you. We will do the necessary to bring the results.

SEO Success Story

In June 2017, we took on the SEO Project for Kelvin, who owns a forklift company. Kelvin was looking for more ways to either sell or rent out his forklifts, but found it hard to market them. He had a website advertising his products and services, but did not gain much traffic. He approached us and we analysed the reasons why his website was not doing well. The summary of the initial investigation and audit result showed:

The website was performing poorly in search, social media, number of internal/external links and any other information related to the website. Our internal rating for the website’s marketing was 1/10.

Based on the client’s needs and goals, we proposed a list of actions based on the investigation, and had a timeline of 6 months to achieve our goal.

In the final review stage that took place approximately 5 months later in December 2017 , Kelvin’s company has now come risen to the first page for the keyword “forklift” and 1st page on Google map result.

The client is pleased with the result as it had:

  • Increased Traffic to the Website
  • New Leads led to Increased Sales
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • A Good Return on Investment

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